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Union Square boasts the third largest shopping area in the Unites States, with a vast range of facilities to delight any shopper. In 1850 Union Square was set aside as a park, and in the 1960s the park was the location of pro-civil war rallies. Today’s Union Square is very different, with a range of shops, hotels, and eateries to delight the most discerning visitor. Whatever time of year you visit Union Square, you will be thrilled with the choice and entertainment on offer. The wide range of department stores are upscale and high quality, making Union Square a fabulous place for those that want a high quality shopping experience or even want to have fun doing a little window shopping.

Union Square is the most well known area in San Francisco for fine dining at its best. In this area there are hotels, restaurants and shopping to suit very need and every taste in cuisine. Whether you want to have International food or traditional American food, there are restaurants to meet your every need. Actually there are about 60 restaurants here, giving you the choice of eating a different meal at a different restaurant every day of your vacation.

Every major department store you can think of is within easy walking distance from the hotels and if you decide to stay at a hotel in another part of the city, public transportation has regular routes to Union Square for those who want to avail of the opportunity to shop and browse. The highest quality fashions from famous designers are available in the many boutiques – Dior, Armani, Marc Jacobs, Yves St. Laurent are just a few of the designer clothes you will find here.

The cosmopolitan hub of San Francisco, Union Square is bursting with activities, fun, excitement, and wonder. Whatever your age, taste, or budget, you will be delighted with the atmosphere and entertainment available at Union Square. This bustling area is surrounded by adventure, and whether you are a die-hard shopper or a thrill-seeking clubber, you will find plenty to keep you entertained both day and night at Union Square.

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