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There is no one profile of a troubled teen, but many organizations have come up with a definition of the term “troubled teen”. It usually refers to a teenager who is disrespectful of others, unmotivated at school, does not appreciate anything that is done for him/her, refuses to take responsibility for his/her actions and generally hangs around with other teenagers who act the same way. These teenagers are typically from good homes with hard working parents who do everything they can for their children. Very often a teenager who does not fit any of these descriptions turns out to be one of the people who are often involved in violent crimes, so it is hard to write an accurate definition.

There are two types of troubled teens. The first type is very introverted and does not talk to very many people, especially adults. They eat lunch alone and are often the butt of other student’s jokes. Some teens can deal with this, while others seek revenge. The other type is extroverted and will speak openly about any ideas of violence and will fight back against his/her attackers. Depression is one of the unrecognized problems in teenagers. Just because they are young does not mean that they do not have stresses that seem too difficult to cope with. Very often the teen is seen as being angry or sullen and parents get angry with them for behaving in such as way. However, the risk of serious depression in teens is very great and can lead to suicide.

There are various options available for treating troubled teens. Most of them need someone to care for them and to listen to their problems and hopefully help them with the answers. The main thing to realize is that no one treatment works for all teens. The settings and programs have to match the individual problems. The service that the teen receives is crucial to a successful return to the family as a healthy, functioning individual. All medical, psychological and social problems need to be looked at and treated. Some of these may require prescription medications, while others may need more specialized treatments and counseling.

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