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Over recent years, timeshares have grown in popularity becoming a popular choice for people that take regular vacations and want to enjoy the benefits of timeshare ownership rather than have to scout around for half decent hotel accommodation. There are over three million people in America alone that on timeshares, and this number is on the increase thanks to the benefits that timeshare ownership offers. A timeshare is where you have a share in a resort property along with other people that also have a share of that property. With over seven millions timeshare properties around the world, this is a vacation option that is becoming increasingly popular with people from all walks of life, even those on a budget. There are other terms used to describe timeshare, and these include: vacation ownership, multi ownership, group ownership, and vacation exchange.

Many people are still wary of timeshares, and in part this is the fault of some of the marketing and hard sell methods used in timeshare sales. However, essentially a timeshare can offer great value for money in the long term. With a timeshare, you know you will be able to enjoy one or two weeks (based on the number of weeks you purchase) staying in a quality resort and enjoying a luxury property with all the mod cons and plenty of local amenities.

You can get timeshares that are available for rent in popular cities, resorts and destinations all over the world. These properties tend to be luxury apartments in a very well maintained and often themed community, which has all the amenities you would need for a fabulous vacation, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness facilities, massage facilities, and much more. The properties themselves have all the mod cons, so you can enjoy true luxury.

Before buying, renting, or even selling a timeshare, it is best to find out as much as possible in order to ensure that you make an informed and educated purchase. This site aims to provide some of the basics relating to buying, renting, and selling timeshares, which should hopefully help you to make the right decision with regards to timeshare. You can read up on articles such as:

General Timeshare Information offers details on the general aspects of timeshares, why they are so popular, what the benefits are, and what sort of factors you should look into when looking into purchasing a timeshare.

Selling a Timeshare offers information on how to go about selling a timeshare, the pitfalls you should look out for, why it is so important to raise awareness about your sale, the importance of competitive pricing, and how to maximise on your chances of making a sale.

Buying a Timeshare enables you to learn more about the benefits of timeshare ownership, why owning a timeshare can be far more luxurious and prove better value than hotel stays, and how you can recoup the money on your timeshare purchase over time.

Renting a Timeshare is an article for both people interested in renting a timeshare property and those that own timeshare property that they wish to rent out. This article offers tips and advice on both side of timeshare renting, offering details on the benefits and how to go about renting.

Timeshare FAQ's: You will also find FAQ sections catering to timeshare buyers, timeshare sellers, and even timeshare renters, offering basic commonly asked questions about timeshares, and providing answers that can help to make the topic of timeshare purchasing, selling and renting a whole lot easier!