Temporary Health Insurance

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Temporary health insurance is insurance that people use for a short term and they can get it for almost any reason. This type of health insurance is available for anyone, whether it is an infant or an older person. When you get sick during the term of your plan, you can get treatment from any licensed health provider. Temporary health insurance is not intended for long term use. The usual term of this insurance is from 1 to 6 months. It is intended to help tide you over while you are waiting for your regular health insurance to begin or if you are waiting to start a new job. It should never be used as a substitute for regular, long term health insurance. The whole reason behind the policy is that they protect a person from unforeseen injuries or illness. They cannot be used for routine check ups, preventative treatments, dental or eye care or immunizations you may need for travel.

Many people want to know how temporary health insurance works before they purchase a policy. A very basic explanation is that this type of health insurance protects you in the case of accidents or illness if you have no other type of health insurance. It is designed to be used for short periods of time, ranging from 1 to 6 months. It is possible to arrange to renew the policy at the end of that period of time if you do not have regular health insurance to take care of your need for health insurance. It is not difficult to get temporary health insurance. The company you choose will help you with the process and tell you what documentation you need. Most companies will require you to have a medical examination to certify that you are in good health. If you already have a medical condition, this does not mean you will not qualify. Most companies will sell you a policy with the provision that any illnesses or medical bills arising from this current condition will not be covered under this new policy.

Temporary health insurance is a very good option for anyone who does not have health insurance at the present time, but who hopes to have a more permanent health insurance plan in the near future. Having health insurance protects you and your family if an accident should occur and results in hospitalization or surgery. It is also valuable to have if you, your spouse or your children become ill and need medication. Everyone knows the high costs in paying for medical treatments and when a simple monthly premium will give you peace of mind in this regard, temporary health insurance is invaluable.

This site aims to help you to find out more about all areas of temporary heath insurance, giving you the opportunity and knowledge to determine whether this type of insurance may be suitable for you and your needs, and how to go about getting suitable and adequate health insurance cover. You will find a range of articles covering a variety of pertinent areas of temporary health insurance, and these should enable you to make a more informed decision with regards to getting valuable health cover on a temporary basis. The articles you will find include:

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