Surviving A Biological, Chemical, Or Nuclear Attack

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It is unfortunate, but the world we live in today is not necessarily as safe as we’d like, and advancements in science and technology combined with the determination of some terrorist groups makes us all worry from time to time.

We’ve all seen the news reports of terrorist attacks occurring all over the world, and perhaps the ones that really hit home were the September 11 th attack in New York followed closely by a spurt of Anthrax attacks in various cities.

Whether or not we think that a chemical, biological or nuclear attack is on the cards, it is the responsibility of each individual to educate themselves and prepare themselves for this possibility. The articles on this site will provide some useful information with regards to the characteristics of these attacks as well as what you should do before and during an attack.

Surviving A Nuclear Attack Information:

Characteristics of a nuclear terrorist attack explains the different stages of an attack, and how they can affect you. You will learn more about the severity of these attacks and how they can spread and cause destruction.

The different types of nuclear attacks we may face outlines the various weapons that could be used in a nuclear attacks and how each of these weapons works in order to have the desired effect.

How to survive a nuclear attack offers valuable information on what you should do in the event of an attack to maximise the chances of survival and minimise the chances of injury.

How to survive a nuclear attack on a major city also provides valuable information on increasing your chances of survival and lessening the risk of injury. However, there are some key differences to be considered when in a major city, which are outlined and discussed in this article.

How to make your living areas safe BEFORE an attack can help you to prepare for an attack and make sure that your home will provide sanctuary for you and your family during an attack.

The health effects of nuclear exposure looks more closely at the problems that can result from a nuclear attack, including external and internal problems from exposure to radiation.

Fallout shelters: do they work or even make sense? This article outlines whether and when a fallout shelter would provide protection, and the equipment that should be in the shelter in order to make is of use. There are also alternatives to fallout shelters, which are briefly discussed.

Surviving A Chemical And Biological Attack Information:

Characteristics of a biological or chemical attack explains the types of weapons and agents that could be used in this sort of attack, as well as how they are designed to work and what the desired characteristics and results of agents would be.

An overview of biological agents lists a number of agents that could be used in a bio-terrorist attack, and what the symptoms of exposure to these agents could include. You can also learn more about how they might be dispersed.

An overview of chemical agents lists a number of agents that could be used in a chemical attack, how the agents might be dispersed, and what the effects might be. You can read more about the possible symptoms of exposure to these agents.

How to survive a biological or chemical attack offers advice and information on preparing for this type of attack and how to keep yourself and your family as safe as possible during an attack.

What you can do to prepare in advance for a biological or chemical attack highlights the importance of being prepared and what sort of action you can take to ensure that you are ready for this type of attack.

General Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical Attack Survival Information:

Other Nuclear, Chemical, And Biological Survival Resources And Related Items contains information on other resources outside of the site that can help you prepare for and survive a deadly attack.

The articles on this site aim to educate people with regards to the possible dangers, their effects on the environment and on health, and how to prepare and protect against this sort of attack. If a nuclear, biological or chemical attack never occurs in your lifetime then all the better, but it doesn’t cost anything to simply be prepared.