Surfing Tricks

Surfing Tricks Related Information:

If you have mastered basic surfing already – though there is very little about surfing that’s basic – then it’s time to move on to some nifty surfing tricks. Surfing is all about timing and balance. Surfing tricks too require impeccable timing and great balance to execute the moves with grace and style.

Here are some of the more popular surfing tricks that you can try out:

  • Frontside Carving 360s: These are a continuation of the strong bottom turn. You start off at the top of a wave, ride down the slope, make a U-turn, head back up the wave and U-turn again to come back in as you normally would. Hence the name – 360. Kelly Slater demonstrates these on a regular basis with little or no effort.
  • Pumping On A Frontside Wave: These are great to practice when all you get are mushy waves during summer. They require speed and lots of practice to be able to control the extra speed. Pumping is when you zig zag on a frontside wave instead of just riding it in. You ride it in a bit and go back up, come back down and go back up as many times as you can.
  • Backside Airs: Some consider these easier to do than frontside airs but the landing can be complicated. The idea is to ride into the surf and launch off the lip on the backhand. They are really good if you want to finish off a wave.
  • Frontside Cutback: Speed is essential for this surfing trick as well. The good part is that this surfing trick is for novice and expert surfers alike. Using the rail of your surfboard the cutback brings you back to the source of the wave so that you can gain more speed for the next surfing trick.

These are just a few of the surfing tricks that professionals use. To be able to perform them you must be willing to practice and be washed up to shore more times than you can count!