Surfing Legends

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Throughout the history of surfing there have been some people who have stood out over other surfers or who have made a very important contribution to the sport. They are known as surfing legends and the names are very familiar to anyone involved with the sport of surfing.

Duke Kahanamoku is considered the father of modern surfing. Duke was born on Aug. 24, 1890 in a Hawaiian family. He was always swimming and fishing. He broke the freestyle world record in his first race in open water, and then he won the gold medal and broke the world record in the freestyle in Stockholm. In spite of the fact that the missionaries in Hawaii frowned on the practice of surfing, Duke and his friends established their own surfing club in 1901 and helped to bring back the popular sport to Hawaii. The group was known as the “Beach Boys of Waikikl”. Duke loved to surf and he introduced surfing to the East Coast in 1912, Australia in 1914 and New Zealand in 1915.

Titus Nihi Kinimaka is a very well known big wave surfer from Hawaii. He is very popular as he was one of the best wave surfers in the world. He spent most of his life as lifeguard, surfer and he worked really hard to preserve surfing as a part of Hawaiian culture and traditions.

Nat Young was born in Sydney, Australia. He is the four time World Champion surfer. H is most recent book, an autobiography, is titled "Nat's Nat and That's That." When he was 14 he gained his nickname “The Gnat”. Standing over 6 feet tall with long powerful arms and legs, at the age of 16, he won the 1963 Australian open men's title.

Another legend in the world of surfing is Gerry Lopez, who was born in Hawaii in 1948. Some of surfers from all around the world considered Gerry the God of surfing because of his unique style and mental approach to surfing . He is very popular and also known as the surfer who meditates on waves. He became the State of Hawaii junior surfing champion at the age of 14. He won the Master of Pipeline award in 1972. Gerry is also popular for his interest in environmental preservation.