Surfing Equipment FAQ

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What sort of surfboard should I go for as a beginner?

If you are new to surfing, one of the best types of surfboards to go for is one that is large, thick, and wide. This will make it easier to learn the art of surfing and to practice and perfect the various techniques. Once competent, you can move on to a smaller surfboard if you wish, as these can ride the waves better than larger ones.

What is surfboard wax for and is there a special way of applying it?

Surfboard wax is generally used on the deck and rails of the board where the hands and feet are positions, as these give the surfer grip to minimize the risks of falling off. There is no special method of application, although you should apply plenty of it.

What are deck grips used for?

These grips are another solution to minimize the risks of slipping off the board. You can use grips on the deck of the board for both feet, although many surfers use just one for the back foot.

What should I look for in a wetsuit?

The most important thing to look for when buying a wetsuit is the fit. The suit should be tight but no so tight that you cannot move properly. This will enable you to move freely whilst surfing, and will enable the suit to provide the necessary protection and benefits.

What sorts of accessories are available for my surfboard?

You can get a variety of accessories for your board, all of which are designed to make your surfing experience easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable. A surfboard leash is an accessory that can be tied to your leg so that you don’t have to go swimming after your board when you fall off. You can get a surfboard bag to provide protection for your board when not in use. You can get many other accessories for your surfboard, ranging from surfboard racks to surfboard fins.