Surfing Culture

Surfing Culture Related Information:

Every sport builds its own culture and etiquette and surfing is no different. Surfboarding has some unspoken rules that all surfers follow. This culture has developed gradually over time keeping in mind the safety of surfers and spectators. The surfing culture also makes way for novices along with experts and treats everyone with equal respect.

Here are some basic rules that you must know as part of any surfing culture.

  • The person closes to the breaking part of the wave owns it and has the right of the way. Others must get out of his or her way.
  • Dropping in is not acceptable. It means that you take off on a wave in front of someone who is already up and riding it. It is kind of like cutting ahead in the line.
  • Sometimes as another person is dropping in you may have to paddle out even it if it means you’re going to end up meeting a wall of white water. Irrespective of the extra trouble for you, surfing culture requires that you do it.
  • Snaking is also considered a no-no in surfing culture. Snaking is when you paddle around someone who is already in position so that you are in a deeper position than him or her. This allows you to steal the wave.
  • When learning to surf, always choose a spot slightly away from the experts so that you don’t get in their way.
  • Choose a quiet surfing break away from where the regulars are to learn and practice. Novice surfers often loose their boards and can cause harm to others in the area.
  • Do not surf without a buddy. The ocean can be a dangerous place to visit by yourself.
  • Always respect the surfers at the surfing break you are new to. They will accept you if you respect them and the sport.