Surfing Conditions

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Surfing is a highly enjoyable and rewarding sport that is enjoyed by many people all over the world. However, an important aspect in gleaning the ultimate enjoyment from your surfing experience is to enjoy this sport during ideal conditions. The conditions during which you surf can play a big part in your performance as well as your enjoyment of the experience, and it is therefore advisable to familiarize yourself with the right conditions.

Selecting the right surfing conditions is not only about enhancing your experience but also about increasing safety. Surfing, although enjoyable and exciting, can also be dangerous and is the cause of many serious injuries and death each year. By ensuring that the conditions are right when you surf you can minimize on some of the risks that can pose a danger to surfers.

Obviously you don’t want to surf in waters that are totally calm, as this will get you nowhere and can make your surfing experience slow and boring. However, nor should you aim to ride six-foot high waves during stormy conditions, as you are liable to get seriously injured at the very least! Waves of around three feet are about right for a great surfing experience. You should also opt for days that are not too hot, as you could end up getting sunburned and exposing your skin to dangerous UV rays. However, you may also want to avoid extreme cold weather, as this means that you will be subjected to bitterly cold waters and temperatures.

An onshore wind can create choppy waves and waters, which can again prove dangerous, particularly for those fairly new to surfing. Use your common sense to gauge the weather conditions before you plan a day of surfing – you can even do this in advance by looking at the weather forecasts so that you can effectively plan your day.