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One of the most exciting water sports is called surfing; this sport allows you to ride on the waves on a board and have fun while doing it. It has its origins in Hawaii and was practiced here before the Hawaiian Islands were discovered. Captain Cook was one of the first Europeans to reach Hawaii and he was one of the first to come in contact with this sport. He visited Hawaii in his third expedition to the Pacific and he wasn’t sure about what Hawaiians were doing on the ocean every time he watched them going on the waves. He soon discovered that surfing was an important part of the Hawaiian culture.

Surfing is a sport that has gained a massive following over the years, and is both exciting and exhilarating. However, this is a sport that can be rife with hidden dangers and therefore to decrease your chances of injury it is important to try and master the skill and technique of surfing before you attempt to ride the waves on your fabulous new surfboard. Putting in a little preparation and practise can not only increase safety levels but can also increase your performance and enjoyment of this sport. This is why many surfing enthusiasts start off by taking surfing lessons.

Thanks to the popularity of surfing, you can now enjoy great choice in every aspect of this sport. From a choice of skilled instructors to help you hone your surfing skills to a choice of boards, surfing gear, and surfing equipment – and even surfing locations – you can enjoy the ultimate surfing experience these days.

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History of surfing: Read more about the origins of this sport, how it was discovered, and where its roots lie.

Technique of surfing: T here is a technique to surfing and you must master this in order to do it well.

Dangers of surfing: Anyone with an interest or experience in surfing will know what an exhilarating and exciting experience this sport can provide. However, like many other sports, surfing is an activity that is rife with hidden dangers.

Surfing conditions: The conditions during which you surf can play a big part in your performance as well as your enjoyment of the experience, and it is therefore advisable to familiarize yourself with the right conditions.

Surfing legends: Throughout the history of surfing there have been some people who have stood out over other surfers or who have made a very important contribution to the sport.

Surfboards: Choosing the right surfboard for your experience, needs, and skill level is a very important factor and can make a big difference to your surfing experience.

Custom surfboards: You will find a number of reputable manufacturers that can provide you with bespoke, high quality, custom surfboards, which means that you can get your perfect, dream board and enjoy an amazing surfing experience.

Wetsuits: For those wishing to enjoy the thrills and excitement of surfing the whole year round, wetsuits are an essential accessory. You can enjoy a wide choice of wetsuits these days, and thanks to advancements in technology – as well as better taste in fashion – you can now get wetsuits that are light, stretchy, comfortable, and look as good as they feel.

Surfboard wax: As the name would suggest, surfboard wax is a type of wax designed for use on your surfboard. You will find a variety of different types of surfboard wax, all of which are designed to stop you from slipping off the board when paddling or surfing.

Popular surfing locations: Surfers travel all over the world to surf in popular surfing locations. Although Hawaii is the most popular place in the world for surfing, there are many others.

Surfing lessons: Anyone thinking of taking up surfing – or those that simply want to improve their existing surfing techniques – could really benefit from surfing lessons from a trained, qualified, and experienced surf instructor.

Beginner’s guide to surfing: Surfing has got to be the coolest sport that exists – literally! If you want to surf there are some basic rules to follow and some simple lessons you need to learn.

Surfing tricks: If you have mastered basic surfing already – though there is very little about surfing that’s basic – then it’s time to move on to some nifty surfing tricks. Surfing is all about timing and balance. Surfing tricks too require impeccable timing and great balance to execute the moves with grace and style.

Professional / competitive surfing: Professional surfing has become extremely competitive in recent decades. With sponsorships and better prize money, professional surfing too is gaining more and more media attention.

Surfing culture: Every sport builds its own culture and etiquette and surfing is no different. Surfboarding has some unspoken rules that all surfers follow. This culture has developed gradually over time keeping in mind the safety of surfers and spectators.

Surfing terms / glossary: An easy to follow guide to common surfing terms and their meanings.

Surfing equipment FAQ: A useful selection of commonly asked questions and answers on the topic of surfing equipment.

Surfing FAQ: A useful selection of commonly asked questions and answers on the topic of surfing.