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The word religion is one that has been at the centre of total unity and peace, and yet has also been the cause of war, death, and destruction. Religion is a very diverse subject and has had a profound impact upon the world for thousands of years. There are many different religions in the world, and within each religion there can also be different variations, so religions can be a complex and very detailed topic.

A religion is a set of beliefs and the belief in one or several supreme beings. Some religions worship and believe in one God, whereas others, such as Hinduism, believe in several Gods. The largest religion in the world is Christianity, and even this is split into a number of variations, such as Roman Catholics and Protestants.

Religion is subject than can spawn both love and hate, and is one of the most controversial subjects in history. Those that practise their religions have a set of certain beliefs, a set of traditions that are followed, and a variety of holy days that are celebrated. Devout religious people and families live their lives in a certain way, as is required by their religion.

This site aims to provide some basic details about some of the different, and more well-known religions from around the world. You can find out more about the background of these religions, as well as look into the beliefs, variations, traditions, and holy days of each of the religions. You will notice that some of the religions are very similar in their beliefs and traditions, such as Judaism and Christianity.

Judaism: You can learn more about the Jewish faith and its history and background from this article. You will also be able to learn more about a variety of Jewish festivals and holy days that are celebrated each year. This article contains details about popular Jewish beliefs.

Christianity: Although there are a number of variations of Christianity, this article provides a general overview of the history of Christianity. You will also learn some of the beliefs, practices, traditions, and holy days of this religion.

Eastern Orthodox Church: One of the sects of Christianity, this article explains more about the Eastern Orthodox Church, and a little about its historical split from Rome many centuries ago. As well as looking into the background of the Orthodox Church you can read up on some of the specials events and holy days that are celebrated by this religious group.

Roman Catholic Church: This is another sect of Christianity, and you can learn more about the Roman Catholic side of the split – The Great Schism – as well as find out a little more about the background of Roman Catholicism and about the religion today. You will learn more about the beliefs, traditions, and holy days celebrated by Roman Catholics, and you can see how the design of a Roman Catholic Church can tell you a great deal about their faith.

Protestant Church Overview: This is yet another sect of Christianity,

Islam Overview: This article enables you find out more about the Islamic religion, focussing on the beliefs and traditions of this religious group, as well as a little about the background of the Islamic religion.

Sunni Muslim Overview: This article provides details on the background of this Islamic religious sect, and you can read up on the beliefs, traditions, and holy days of this religious group.

Shiite Muslim Overview: This is another sect of the Islamic religion, and offers details on the religion’s background, beliefs, and traditions, as well as details on some of their celebrated holy days.

Hinduism Overview: This article provides details on the various traditions celebrated by Hindus, as well as information about their basic beliefs and the holy days celebrated by this group.

Buddhism Overview: You can read up on the background and beliefs of this religion in this article, as well as find out more about the traditions of Buddhists and their various divisions and holy days.