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Oriental rugs have originated from a number of countries including Central Asia, Iran, Turkey, China, India, and Egypt. Oriental rugs boast a very rich, distinctive style and appearance, enabling you to bring a touch of Eastern promise into the most contemporary of homes. That’s another great thing about Oriental rugs – whether you live in a country house, a traditional house, or a state of the art modern house, an Oriental rug will look fabulous. These rugs fit in with all manner of style and themes, so whatever type of home you have you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of an Oriental rug.

These rugs are unlike any other type of rug available, although there are many rugs around that try and imitate the Oriental style and look. Authentic Oriental rugs have one chief characteristic that cannot be duplicated by any machine made rug. The ‘nap’ of a real oriental rug is attached to the base threads by tying a special kind of knot. And this is typically done by hand and not by a machine. A machine made ‘oriental rug’ will have a nap that is simply stuck between the base threads and the weft threads and not knotted down.

An Oriental rug can make a fabulous addition to any home, and can help to create real warmth and a relaxing ambience in any room of your home. Whether you want to add style and class to a room that you use for entertaining, or whether you want to add warmth and comfort to a commonly used room, and Oriental rug will look fabulous. However, when shopping for a true Oriental rug, it is important to know exactly what to look for – what sort of style are available, what to look for to identify an authentic Oriental rug, and where these rugs come from. It is also important to learn more about caring for an Oriental rug, so that your rug can provide elegance and beauty in your home for many years to come.

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