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There are so many different kinds of investment frauds surfacing every day, that it has become difficult to keep track and list all the various types. An increasing number of people, in the United States, are losing their hard earned money and sometimes their entire life savings, to fraudsters and swindlers, through investment fraud. Investment fraud schemes usually offer you large growth in capital, much higher rates of interest on your investment, or both. Such schemes typically have some time frame in which they must be invested in, or else you lose your chance to make good money.

Although many people think that investment frauds scheme target older people and more vulnerable groups, the sophisticated methods of fraud used today can food any investor. However savvy you think you are with finances and investment, the truth is that any one of us could become a victim fraud and never even realize it until it’s too late. In recent years, many Americans have lost huge sums of money as a result of investment fraud. According to statistics, the average loss for an investor, through fraud, stands at $15,000, with individual losses running into millions of dollars.

The general rule of thumb to operate by is: if any kind of investment scheme sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and you should be suspicious of such investment arenas. If someone claims to give you very high returns on your money, for very little or no risk, you should investigate such claims before putting your money into these schemes. This could save you a great deal of stress, money, and trouble in the future.

This site aims to provide the basics on investment fraud, covering a variety of areas to help consumers find out more about the different types and areas of investment fraud. You can read articles such as:

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Stock fraud: Fraud, which is a result of unethical and dishonest actions on the part of a stockbroker, or any other investment executive, is referred to as Stock Fraud. This article explains a little about what this type of fraud is and how it works.

Securities fraud: In the past couple of decades, the securities market has seen an immense growth in trading of securities. This growth has encouraged a lot of fraudulent and unethical behavior on the part of brokers, shareholders, investment analysts, and other parties concerned with the securities market. This article explains what securities fraud is and how it can affect investors.

Internet securities fraud: The Internet, with its huge growth, actual and potential, has impacted the financial world like no other medium or technology ever has. However, this has also given way to a whole new line of fraudulent activity, about which you can learn in this article.

Bond fraud: Bonds have always been a kind of investment that has known to be safe and secure, and which gives you your capital and interest on maturity, albeit not very high rates of dividends. But now, bonds no longer remain safe, because of bond fraud. This article covers the types of bond fraud and provides an explanation of this type of fraud.

Mutual fund fraud: Mutual Funds have long been an area for investment for millions of Americans who wished to make their money work for them. But even this area of investment, which is one of the best investment products available to investors, has now been tainted by Mutual Fund Fraud. You can find out more about this type of fraud in this article.

Churning Scams: One of the leading types of investment fraud is fraud related to broker misconduct. Many cases of broker related investment fraud are coming to light, where investor-broker trust has been violated, which has resulted in monetary losses for the investors, sometimes going up to millions of dollars. This article explains how these scams work and how investors can be affected.

Investment fraud lawyer: An investment fraud lawyer is an expert in investment fraud and bad advice lawsuits and is your best bet to recover any or all your investment fraud losses. This article discusses the various ways in which an investment fraud lawyer could help you.

Investment fraud lawsuit / bad advice lawsuit: If you have been robbed or duped out of any money, by fraudsters, through investment fraud; or if you have lost money in investments, stock, securities etc because of the bad advice of your stock broker or financial advisor, you may have a valid and legal claim to file an Investment Fraud / Bad Advice Lawsuit against the fraudsters or your broker, as the case may be. This article discusses how this can be done, and what factors need to be determined.

Investment fraud FAQ: This is a convenient and easy to use listing of commonly asked questions about investment fraud, along with answers in a Q&A format.