Human Rights & Civil Rights Overview And Information

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The United Nations has an agreement about human rights laws. We have certain rights when we are born and these rights include: the right to life, the right to liberty and freedom of movement, the right to equality before the law, the right to presumption of innocence until proven guilty, the right to appeal a conviction, the right to be recognized as a person before law, the right to privacy and protection of that privacy by law, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of assembly and association.

Other rights that we have and we can defend are: the right for self determination, wages sufficient to support a minimum standard of living, equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity for advance, paid or compensated maternity leave, free primary education and accessible education at all levels, copyright, patent and trademark protection for intellectual property.

Since the dawn of mankind, people have continually been struggling to obtain more rights and in effect make life for themselves a little easier. After a series of wars in the early to mid twentieth century, the entire world was a little on edge and it was this unstable environment that led to the inauguration of the United Nations. A general assembly of this relatively new organization in 1948 resulted in the establishment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. After this assembly, member countries were to take this newly established document and distribute it all over the world in order to make the declaration known and understood by all people.

This site aims to provide some information about human and civil rights and how these can be violated. This is done through articles such as:

What is illegal discrimination? When we are born we immediately get our human rights. Every one of us has human rights to help us to face daily life and ensure we are not subjected to unfair circumstances.

Discrimination in the work place: Discrimination can take place everywhere. It can be in your home, school, public transportation, government offices, and you can also face discrimination in the work place.

Fair employment practices: One of our human rights is to enjoy fair employment practices, but even when we have laws to support this right some companies donít follow these legislations.

Sexual harassment: There are a lot of types of discrimination and one of the most shocking may be sexual harassment. Some people donít even know that being sexually harassed is illegal and it violates the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Sexual harassment in housing: Sexual harassment in housing is another of many sexual harassment possibilities. This kind of sexual harassment takes place when you are looking for a place to live and the agent, tenant or landlord asks for any kind of sexual favor, makes sexual jokes or touches you in an inappropriate way.

Discrimination based on age: There are a lot of types of discrimination, and discrimination based on age can have a big impact on peopleís lives as much as any other type of discrimination.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation: Discrimination is not just about issues such as color or religion. Discrimination can be based on sexual orientation also, and anyone that is being treated differently due to their sexual preference is being denied their human rights.

Discrimination based on race: Discrimination based on race is when people are treated differently from others who are similarly situated because they are members of a specific race.

Discrimination based on religion: There are a lot of types of discrimination and one of them is discrimination based on religion. Even when we should be free to be able to have our own creed and beliefs, there are a lot of problems when people believe they are right and thatís the last word.

Discrimination based on disability: Discrimination based on disability can take place in any place including school, the work place, housing, or even public facilities.

Discrimination based on gender: People can be treated differently based upon their sex, race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origins, marital status, religion, and sexual preference, but gender discrimination is still a major problem.

Human rights laws: The idea of the Human Rights is that all of us can live in a free place and we can be treated equally and have the same opportunities to succeed.

Civil rights act/laws: The Civil rights act and laws have been created so nobody is discriminated against in any way including in employment, housing, education, public accommodations or in any other way based on race, color, age, religion, sex preference, gender or national origin.

Human rights lawyer: If you have been discriminated against in any way because of your religion, color, race, age, gender, or sexual preference then you can look for help and get a human rights lawyer to make sure you receive compensation for this discrimination.

Human rights lawsuit: If you find yourself facing any type of discrimination you have the right to file a lawsuit against those who are discriminating against you.

Human / Civil rights settlements: Human and civil right settlements vary depending on the state or country where you file the claim and they also vary depending on the circumstances.