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Your home is none of the biggest investments you are ever likely to make, and as such you want to protect your investment. Of course, it’s not just your actual house that you want to protect, but your home – that means all of your worldly belongings, most of which will be kept in your home.

Your home is a place that is a sanctuary and a haven for you and your family – somewhere you can relax, the place where you all eat together, the place where you rest and sleep, and somewhere you can just be yourself and enjoy quality time alone or with your loved ones.

However, your home is also at risk from many dangers – from environmental disasters to malicious damage. Such damage can be very distressing and this is something that cannot be helped because it comes naturally. However, the financial implications can be helped through home insurance. This can ensure that you do not have to suffer financially in the event of damage to your home or belongings, and you can enjoy peace of mind.

Home insurance can be a complex subject, and can vary depending on your needs, your home, your budget, and other factors. This site aims to provide a little insight into homeowner insurance, who needs it, why it is so important – and what exactly homeowner's insurance is and does. You can read articles such as:

What is homeowner's insurance?
This article provides an insight into what homeowner insurance is, why it is so important, and how people can benefit from this type of cover both in terms of peace of mind and financially.

What is in a standard homeowners’ policy?
With so many different products out there, homeowner insurance can get confusing, but here you can find out what the basic of this type of cover include.

Are there different kinds of policies?
This article offers information on the different types of homeowner policy you could find and opt for, enabling you to make a more informed decision.

What type of insurance do I need for a co-op or condo?
This is another article that can offer advice on the type of cover that you might need for these property types, enabling you to make an informed decision about the type of policy you go for.

What types of disaster are covered?
Homeowner insurance can have a lot of exclusions, and this article will help you to find out more about the various disasters that are covered.

Can I own a home without homeowner's insurance?
This article speaks for itself and will provide information on whether you can or should opt to not take out insurance for your home and contents.

How do I take a home inventory and why?
This article covers the importance of taking a home inventory, and offers advice on the best way to take your inventory to ensure you don’t miss items off your list.

What’s the difference between cancellation and non-renewal?
This article enables you to find out what the differences between cancellation of a policy and non-renewal of a policy are, and what the implications of each are.

How much homeowner's insurance do I need?
Needs can vary when it comes to getting homeowner insurance, and this article discusses the level of homeowner insurance coverage you can consider.

How should I choose a homeowner's insurance company?
How much will homeowner's insurance cost?
These are two separate articles covering how to go about selecting an insurance company for your homeowner's insurance coverage, and what sort of prices you may be looking at for coverage.

How do I file homeowner's insurance claim?
How does the homeowner's insurance payment process work?
How is the settlement amount determined?

These are three separate articles, all dealing with a particular aspect of making a claim, from how you may need to go about making your claim and how you receive your money, to the type of information insurance companies use to determine a settlement figure.

Should I Purchase An Umbrella Liability Policy?
If you are sued by a third party that has been injured on your property, your standard homeowner’s insurance policy will cover your legal fees up to amount specified in your policy. If you have an umbrella liability policy, it will cover costs that are incurred in excess of the specified amount.

Homeowner Insurance Tips:
This is an information packed article containing information and general tips about a range of homeowner insurance areas and issues.