Audiology Related Information:

Audiology is an area of medicine that deals with hearing and hearing related problems. Audiologists are fully trained and qualified professionals, and currently a Master’s Degree in Audiology is the standard requirement, although this is expected to change to a clinical doctoral degree. The field of audiology is rapidly growing, and this is in part due to the fact that people are living longer and longer, and therefore the hearing problems of the elderly are becoming more common.

Audiology is not all about hearing impairment and problems for the elderly. This area deals with all hearing problems, whether the sufferer is a pensioner or a baby. The audiologist examines the ear in order to make a determination with regards to what might be the cause of a hearing loss problem. Depending on the cause, the problem is fully assessed and then support, advice, or treatment administered as necessary.

Audiology employs all sorts of equipment and devices in order to make assessments of a patient’s hearing and determine the cause of the problem. The audiology department thoroughly examines the results that come back from these examinations and tests, and then makes an assessment and recommendations based on the analysed results of the testing.

In some cases, audiologists will specialize in a particular areas, such as working with the elderly or working with aurally impaired children. In other cases, audiologists will work with a more general clientele. You will often find audiologists working as part of a complete healthcare team, although there are also audiologists that work completely independently.

It is important for anyone that suffers hearing loss to ensure that they are examined by a qualified audiologist in order to determine the cause of the hearing loss. This means that you can then get the most appropriate treatment for your problem.