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Gardening is a hugely popular hobby, and the route to creating your own little piece of paradise. Those lucky enough to have gardens often take them for granted, and fail to make the most of what they have. This is sometimes due to lack of knowledge, and sometimes due to lack of time. However, there are ways in which you can really make the most of your garden without having to be an expert and without having to spend every waking hour working on the garden.

Gardening can be simple, fun and very beneficial, and as you laze the summer days away in your beautiful, well-tended garden you can take pride in the commitment and love you have put in to designing and creating your perfect piece of land. A garden allows you to have fresh flowers and fresh vegetables on tap, and provides you with a wonderful haven in which to relax, play and while away the sunny days.

As most experiences gardeners can tell you, gardening can be hard work but can also be fun and very rewarding. Whatever your time constraints and experience, you can find ways to maintain a lovely garden that fits in with your lifestyle and your abilities. This site will provide you with valuable information about a wide range of gardening aspects.

Flower Gardening

Flower gardening overview provides basic information on the types of flower gardens you could go for, and what to take in to consideration when planning and designing your perfect flower garden.

Gardening Maintenance

Gardening maintenance explains the general aspects of year round gardening maintenance, and takes you through a season-by-season rundown of they type of maintenance your garden will need.

Gardening on a Budget

Gardening on a budget provides details on how you can save money on your gardening activities, and how you can create a lovely garden at a really cost-effective price.


Composting details the basic principles of composting, and how this can benefit your garden. You can find out more about creating your own compost heap or bin, and improving the quality of your soil.

Spring Planting Tips

Spring planting tips gives an overview of the type of plants that you can plant during this season, and how you should plan your spring garden in order to optimise on growth and quality.

Indoor Gardens: Starting a New Garden Indoors

Starting a new garden indoors is an article that could benefit those that haven’t the time or the space for an outside garden. You can learn more about creating the perfect garden indoors, and the benefits of indoor gardening.

Tips for Preparing a Planting Bed

Tips for preparing a planting bed offers details the best way to prepare your planting bed, and how to increase the chances of healthy and quality plants through effective preparation.

Winter Garden Preparation

Winter garden preparation covers the important topic of winterising your garden in order to keep your plants safe during the colder season and make things easier on yourself when spring comes around.

Spring Garden Cleanup

Spring garden cleanup goes through the various steps required in this process, and how to tend your garden following the cold winter months, This can help you get your garden back to tip-top condition ready for the spring and summer.

Stretching the Garden Season

Stretching the garden season offer suggestions on making the summer last as far as your garden is concerned, and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your garden by following these guidelines.

Ten Things Every Gardener Should Know

Ten things every gardener should know lists some important tips for gardeners of all levels, which can help you to enjoy your garden more and avoid disappointment if things don’t go just as you want them to.

The Principles of Pruning

The principles of pruning provides basic tips on the methods and reasons behind pruning, and the importance of using effective methods and the right equipment when pruning.

Tips for Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

Tips for transplanting trees and shrubs offers details on when and how to transplant your trees, shrubs and plants, and what you need to bear in mind when doing this.