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A film festival involves showing many films over a short period of time, such as within a week. It is a competition of sorts between all the different films produced in a given year in a country or within a certain film genre. Such an event not only includes full-length feature films, but two and three minute pieces and documentaries.

In order for a film to be part of the festival it has to go through a rigorous process. The filmmakers have to submit the film to the particular organization and the selection committee decides which category the film should be in. There are also specific categories within the festival for film schools and for those new to the industry.

Some of the major film festivals in the world include the Cannes Film Festival in France, the London Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival and the Toronto Film festival. There are film festivals held all over the world to showcase the world of both professionals and amateurs in the film industry. It is one way to get your work seen by anyone of importance in buying and selling films.

This site aims to provide further information about the various popular and well known film festivals that take place around the world, and provides information about these festivals and their importance. You can also find out more about filmmaking in general with articles that offer practical advice for those looking to get into the industry. Some of the articles you will find on the site include:

Film festival overview: Taking part in a festival is one way to get exposure that you need to gain recognition because important people from the film industry attend the various international festivals scouting new talent.

Major film festivals: Some of the major film festivals in the world include the Cannes Film Festival in France, the London Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival and the Toronto Film festival.

Cannes Film Festival: At the ripe old age of nearly sixty years, the Cannes Film Festival is one of the most famous, respected, and well-known film festivals around.

Tribeca Film Festival: The Tribeca Film Festival is an up and coming film festival that is in only its fourth year, yet has already built an impressive name for itself.

Sundance Film Festival: Established by Robert Redford in 1981, the Sundance Institute is the organization behind the well known Film Festival, which takes place annually in Park City and Salt Lake City in the state of Utah, as well as at Sundance Village.

Seattle International Film Festival: The Seattle International Film Festival Group is an organization that aims to promote and celebrate distinction, uniqueness, and diversity in the world of films and film-making.

Toronto Film Festival: The Toronto International Film Festival is a popular and well known event that that aims to help people develop an understanding and to appreciate the world of films and moving images.

Edinburgh International Film Festival: From its humble roots in the late 1940s, the prestigious Edinburgh International Film Festival has become known as one of the longest continually running film festivals across the globe.

Sydney Film Festival: Over the years, the Sydney Film Festival has blossomed in to a popular, and exciting event. This prestigious festival is now in its 52 nd year, and today is more unique, innovative, exciting, and inspirational than ever.

Independent film festivals: Some of the most prestigious film festivals in the world are known as independent film festivals.

Gay and lesbian film festivals: The San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is the premiere event for choosing some of the best films of the year.

Independent films: Producing independent films involves much more than taking a script and hiring actors to bring the story to life before the camera.

Film school: When entering film school, you have to decide which degree you want to pursue. You also need to check out the film school itself to make sure that it offers the course you need to become an actor, a producer, or director.

Top film schools: When choosing a top film school, the location is everything. Where these schools are is critical to their survival. They have to be located in prominent cities because that is where they attract filmmakers.

Filmmaking: When you want to make your own movie, there are some things you have to know about filmmaking to get the basics right. Then all it takes is a movie camera, some props and actors and you can start shooting your movie.

Entering your film in a film festival: There are many, many, ways of entering your film in a film festival in today’s market. If you’re just starting out in the film business, it would be wise to test the waters on a smaller level and enter it in one of the smaller scale festivals, rather than the Cannes Film Festival.

Promote your film: What happened to that film you made that you thought had an edge to it? Is it still sitting on the shelf somewhere doing nothing but collecting dust? Well get it out and promote your film.

Promote your festival: If you want to make your film festival a success, you have to get out there and promote your festival. There are many ways to do this, but the main thing is to let the public know that your festival will be coming up.