Diamond Jewelry

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For many centuries, the classic diamond has been the favourite precious gem of millions – from kings and queens to ordinary folk. This beautiful gem boasts a fieriness and brilliance that is so dazzling and captivating that it has enjoyed global enchantment and its popularity has managed to survive for hundreds of years, and is likely to continue for hundreds of years to come.

The diamond is supposed to represent love and strength, and is the most popular precious gem for romantic gifts of Jewelry such as wedding or engagement rings. You can enjoy the beauty of diamonds in all sorts of Jewelry items, from rings and necklaces or bracelets and brooches, to cuff links and hairpins. Giving diamond Jewelry is the perfect way to light up anyone’s life – and although diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, it seems that the guys are getting quite chummy with this stunning gem over recent years.

This site aims to provide information about the difference areas of buying and owning these beautiful gems in all varieties of Jewelry pieces. You can find out more about diamonds in general from the articles on the site, and you can also enjoy more information relating to specific areas of diamond buying and ownership.

Types of Diamond Jewelry discusses the diamond in general, and also lists the type of Jewelry in which this gem tends to be most popular. You can learn a little more about the popularity of the diamond through the ages, as well as which precious metals can best complement these gems.

The Four C's explains the meaning of the four Cs, and explains each of the terms as well as highlighting its importance in the valuation process that all diamonds go through.

Diamond Shapes and Cutting Styles offers details on some of the most popular diamond shapes and cuts, and which ones offer the most sparkle and fire. You can learn more about which will offer the best value and which tend to be most expensive.

Understanding Diamond Prices gives a brief insight into the way diamonds are valued and priced, and what constitutes value for money when it comes to buying a piece of diamond Jewelry.

Diamond Certification offers details on the meaning of diamond certification, and the difference between certified and uncertified diamonds.

Diamond Shapes offers Q&A style information and advice relating the various popular shapes available, and offers tips on which diamond shape suits which need or budget.

Diamond Care offer valuable advice and tips for diamond owners, and goes through the different ways in which you can keep these gems clean and brilliant. You can also find out more about storing your diamond Jewelry when it is not being worn.

Diamond Jewelry FAQs answers some of the more commonly asked questions relating to diamonds, buying these gems, diamond shapes, and diamond ownership.