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Over recent years, as the world have technologically has evolved, we have seen new, easier, and more convenient ways of doing many things. Shopping, buying a car, booking a holiday, holding meetings, and even keeping touch with friends and family can now all be done electronically. eLearning also employs this sort of technology, enabling people to enjoy learning in a more convenient, easier, and more practical way. The term eLearning applies to any kind of learning where electronic technology is used to increase the effectiveness of learning, and to make it accessible to a higher number of people. Learning through online courses, through e-mails, computer learning, learning through ebooks, CD ROMS, virtual simulation, and other type of software, all come under the scope of eLearning.

eLearning can be used by people from all walks of life and to learn a wide range of skills. From classroom students to on the job work trainees, this method of learning acts as an invaluable and very practical tool. Over the past five years, the popularity of this learning method has risen sharply, and the quality, ease, choice, and support involved with eLearning have improved. Advancements in technology have made this form of training and learning hugely popular with both individuals and organizations, and a wide variety of eLearning tools and methods are in use today.

There are a number of reasons why people opt for eLearning, and this method of learning is particularly popular with adults. Easy access is one of the reasons why people decide to go with this method of learning, with a wide range of tools, resources, learning methods, and support easily available. Convenience and practicality also play a part in the popularity of this learning method, making it a hit amongst those that would not normally have the time to enjoy learning to improve their skills and prospects.

If you are looking into various eLearning options, and are interested in learning using this method, it is important to learn as much as possible about eLearning in general in order to get the best from this method of learning. This site aims to provide details on various aspects of eLearning, enabling consumers to make a more informed choice with regards to whether this method of learning is for them. The articles available on this site are highlighted below:

What is eLearning: This article explains what eLearning is, and what sort of methods come under the umbrella of eLearning. You can also learn more about where eLearning can be used, and what the benefits of using this method learning are, as well as the importance of eLearning.

Categories of eLearning: This article provides details about the different ways and categories of eLearning. You can read up on an overview about the different levels or categories of eLearning to help you get a better idea of all that it encompasses.

eBooks and eTextbooks: In this article you will find out exactly what e-Books and eTextbooks are, and how these tools are used within eLearning. You can learn more about the benefits of these tool as well as finding about the different formats available with eBooks and eTextbooks.

Are you ready for eLearning: If you need to determine whether you are ready for this method of learning, this article could provide useful tips and advice. Irrespective of where you want to incorporate eLearning techniques, you first need to evaluate whether you, your organization, and its people are ready for eLearning. This article provides details on the main points to consider.

Evaluating the effectiveness of eLearning: While the benefits of eLearning are tremendous, each organization needs to be certain that it is beneficial to them individually and that eLearning has indeed been effective in their organization. This can be done by evaluating the effectiveness of eLearning programs. This article assesses the importance and forms of evaluation.

Planning and managing an eLearning project: As is the case for the success of most things, the success of any eLearning project also depends on how it is planned and managed. This article highlights the various steps involved in the planning and management of an eLearning project, which will help you to make a huge success of it.

Guide to selecting eLearning tools: In today’s times, when there are hundreds of eLearning tools and software available in the markets to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. It is important to evaluate tools to ensure that they meet individual needs rather than assuming that a tool that has benefited one person will benefit another. This article provides a step by step guide to help you in selecting the right eLearning tool for your specific needs.

eLearning FAQ: This is a rundown of some commonly asked questions regarding various aspects of eLearning, along with answers to enable you to find information at a glance.