What Does A Cosmetic Dentist Do?

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Cosmetic dentistry enhances and whitens the teeth. It has no effect on the physical health of the patient, but visiting a cosmetic dentist to have work done often has a direct effect of a person’s self-esteem and mental health. Most people visit the dentist when they need to have a filling, a cleaning, a root canal or have a tooth pulled. However, a dentist does much more than that, but he/she has to specialize in order to perform more complex dentist procedures. Often dentists who can do these procedures choose not to because of the money they would have to charge and the amount of time each procedure takes.

If your teeth are discolored due to age or stained from coffee or cigarettes, then a cosmetic dentist can whiten them for you. During this procedure, the dentist takes a mold of your teeth – the same way he would if you needed false teeth. He uses this mold to make a tray to hold the formula that you put on your teeth to bleach the stains out and return them to their former white color. It is important that you don’t get the substance on your gums because it may irritate them. You use the substance as often as the dentist directs until you reach the proper whiteness you want. This procedure does not wok on everyone and you may need to have veneers.

A cosmetic dentist can put veneers on your teeth if teeth whitening don’t work or even if that’s what you prefer to do instead of going the whitening route. They are usually made of porcelain or composite and do an excellent job of hiding any satins or discoloration of your teeth. They last up to ten years. The dentist takes a mold of your teeth and uses it to make the veneer. The veneer is a covering for the teeth and when you wear it, it looks just like your teeth. You do have to have some tooth work and reduction done before you can wear the veneer, so once you have them you always have to keep them.

A cosmetic dentist can also reshape the teeth by making them longer or shorter. He/She can also round off any pointed teeth. This procedure is completely painless because it only deals with the enamel, which doesn’t have any nerves and the whole process can be completed within a half hour. Resin or colored tooth fillings (white or bonded) are also possible in order to improve the appearance of your teeth. This is the same material the dentist uses for ordinary fillings but it can also be used to make veneers that cover the teeth to improve the color.

A bonded bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. This is permanent and is an alternative to having false teeth that you have to remove. It uses resin or porcelain to make a tooth (bonded bridge) that adheres to the teeth on each side and remains in place. Gum lifts are done to make the teeth seem longer. This procedure involves removing part of the gum that covers part of the front teeth and even though the procedure is not painful, it is common to experience some discomfort.

You can choose to have dental implants where fixtures of titanium are screwed into the jaw bone. This implant serves as an anchor for a false tooth or a full set of false teeth. This process is usually done when front teeth are missing, but you have to have enough bone in the area for the implants to be attached to.

When you need to have work done by a cosmetic dentist, you should check with your health insurance because most of this type of work is not covered under insurance plans.