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Cosmetic dentistry refers to any work done by a dentist that is not for the health of the teeth. It is purely for cosmetic reasons to make the teeth whiter or straighter or to have teeth where there are none. Some of the procedures performed by cosmetic dentists include bleaching, bonding, lifting the gums, veneers, reshaping, braces or implants. There are many types of cosmetic dentistry procedures that you can have done at your dentist’s office. Since these procedures are not covered under health insurance plans, you have to pay for them yourself. The dentist doesn’t usually recommend these procedures unless it is necessary for medical reasons. In these cases, the health insurance usually covers most of the cost involved.

Cosmetic dentistry enhances and whitens the teeth. It has no effect on the physical health of the patient, but visiting a cosmetic dentist to have work done often has a direct effect of a person’s self-esteem and mental health. Most people visit the dentist when they need to have a filling, a cleaning, a root canal or have a tooth pulled. However, a dentist does much more than that, but he/she has to specialize in order to perform more complex dentist procedures. Often dentists who can do these procedures choose not to because of the money they would have to charge and the amount of time each procedure takes.

When dealing with a dentist other than the one you are used to using, there are some things to need to consider before you commit to the procedure:

Credentials. You need to verify that this dentist has the education and experience necessary to provide you with exceptional and quality cosmetic work. This includes looking at the diplomas and certificates in the office and evidence that the dentist participates in continuing education to learn the latest techniques.

Verification. You may want to verify that the dentist is licensed to work in your state/province and that the licenses are current.

Check performance. You can use the Internet to check the AAED website to see if there are any legal proceedings for malpractice against the dentist.

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