Burt Lancaster

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Burton Stephen Lancaster was born on 2 nd October 1913 in New York. One of five children, he soon adopted a tough street attitude on the mean streets of New York City. His early life was very colourful, and his interest in acrobatics saw him do what many kids used to dream of – join the circus as an acrobat. He then went on to join the army during the Second World War, and here he developed an interest in acting.

After the war he auditioned for a Broadway production and was offered a part. The play wasn’t a big hit; however, Burt’s performance did attract the attention of a movie agent, and Burt was promptly cast for the 1946 production of the movie ‘The Killers’. This was a success, and Lancaster, now something of a star, was soon offered more roles. He spent the forthcoming years acting in a range of movies, such as ‘The Flame and the Arrow’ and ‘The Crimson Pirate’.

The 1950s saw Lancaster move into movie production as well as keeping his finger in the acting pie. In 1960, Lancaster’s excellent achievements, adaptability and popularity was rewarded with several awards, including an Academy Award for best actor, a Golden Globe award, and the New York Film Critics Award.

Although many of his earlier movies had involved acrobatic roles, enabling Lancaster to utilize his gymnastic strengths and skill, in later life he moved in to more gentle, yet equally as popular roles, continuing to impress peers and audiences around the world. Burt Lancaster died on 20 th October 1994 from a heart attack in California.


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