Buddy Rogers

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Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers was born on 13 th August 1904 in Kansas. The son of a judge, he attended the University of Kansas, where his interest in music saw him playing a variety of instruments with a local jazz band. His movie career began following recruitment to the Paramount Pictures talent school in the mid-1920s. This was the start of an enjoyable movie career – as well as a stepping stone to lifelong romance – for Buddy.

In 1927 he starred in one of this best known roles in the movie, ‘Wings’. In 1928 he went on to act opposite Mary Pickford in the movie ‘My Best Girl’. Although Mary was eleven years older than Buddy, a close relationship developed between the two. Pickford was married to Douglas Fairbanks, bit following her divorce from him the twice-divorced actress married one last time – she tied the knot with Buddy.

Buddy Roger continued to act during the 1940s at which time his career began to slow down. During this time, he also tried his hand at movie production with United Artists. His last acting role was in the late 1950s, ‘The Parson and the Outlaw’. From this time, Mary Pickford began to become a reclusive, and Buddy spent a lot of time attending charitable events and acting as spokesman for his wife.

Buddy Rogers once stated that Clark Gable had told his wife, Mary Pickford, that there marriage would last no more than six months due to the age gap. In actual fact, the union lasted for over forty years, until Mary’s death in 1949. Buddy passed away on 21 st April 1999 from natural causes in California.


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