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William Blake McEdwards’ grandfather J. Gordon Edwards was a silent screen director, and his father 'Jack McEdwards' was a stage director and movie production manager. He acted in a number film, beginning with "Ten Gentlemen from West Point" 1942 and wrote for a number of others, beginning with "Panhandle" 1948, six for director Richard Quine. He created the popular TV series "Peter Gunn" 1958-60, "Mr. Lucky" 1959- 60, and "Dante" 1960.

In England, Blake made the hit "The Return of the Pink Panther" 1975, then he returned to Hollywood and a real hit, "10" 1979; S.O.B 1981, a stinging spoof in which Andrews obscured her "Mary Poppins" image forever by bearing her breasts

From that time Edwards' nonstop production has been mixed, ranging from inane but winning ‘Micki & Maude’ and ‘Skin Deep’ to the more introspective ‘The Man Who Loved Women’ and ‘That's Life!’ to old blueprints like ‘A Fine Mess’, ‘Blind Date’ and ‘Switch’.

In 1953 Blake married Patricia and they had two children. The couple later divorced and in 1969 he married Julie Andrews of who he is still with. Blake and Julie adopted two children from Vietnam.


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