Billie Dove

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Billie Dove was born May 14th 1903 in New York, New York. Billie married Irvin Willat in 1923; they later divorced and she married Robert Kenaston in 1933. From this marriage she had one son and an adopted daughter. It was rumored that Billie lived with millionaire Howard Hughes for a few years in the 1930s. In addition to Billie’s many movie accomplishments she was a pilot, an artist and a poet.

During Billie Dove’s heyday in the late 1920s she was considered one of Ziegfeld’s most beautiful girls. At the height of her film career she was hailed to be the “American Beauty” In 1921 Billie made her film debut in the movie “ Get Rich Quick Wallingford” The film was a hit and over the next ten years she would appear in 43 additional movies. One of her most successful films was “The Black Pirate”

In 1932 Billie Dove retired from the movies to marry a rancher by the name of Robert Kenaston, whom she was with until his death. The end of her first marriage was a hot discussion during the 30s. Her daughter was rumored to have said that Howard Hughes paid her first husband $35,000 to divorce her so that they could pursue a relationship.

Billie Dove died in California of pneumonia in December, 1997.


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