Barbara Stanwyck

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Barbara Stanwyck was born Ruby Stevens on July 16th 1907 in Brooklyn New York. Barbara’s mother died when she was accidentally knocked off a trolley by a drunk. Barbara was 4 at the time. Barbara’s film career lasted 59 years, her most well known roll being Victoria in “The Big Valley” Barbara began her adult life outside of the movie industry, she went to work at the local telephone company for $14 dollars a week, but she had dream, dreams that someday she would work in the entertainment world.

In 1928, Barbara moved to Hollywood where she was to start out one of the most successful careers Hollywood had ever seen. One of her first westerns was “Union Pacific” in 1939 and finally her most memorable role in TV's Big Valley In 1983, she played in the ABC hit mini-series “The Thorn Birds” which did a good job of keeping her in the eye of the public.

Barbara was nominated for four Academy Awards, though she never won. The roles she was nominated for were all roles in which Barbara turned in magnificent performances, but it was just not to be. However in 1982, Barbara was given an honorary Academy Award for "Superlative Creativity and Unique Contribution to the Art of Screen Acting. Barbara was known as the best actress that never won an Oscar.

Barbara married Frank Fay in 1928 and during this marriage she adopted one child. After the coupled divorced she then married Robert Taylor in 1939; unfortunately this marriage also ended in divorce.

After a legacy of 93 movies, Barbara died on January 20th 1990.


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