William Wyler

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William Wyler was born on July 1 st 1902 into a wealth Swiss family. As he grew older he decided to study the violin in Paris, France, but meeting a distant relative of his mother’s, who also happened to be a Universal Pictures executive, changed his career path forever.

After being invited to work as a publicist for Universal in the Unites States, he began a successful career, and quickly graduated to assistant director at Universal. He then went on to take on the role of director for the 1925 movie ‘Crook Buster’. This was followed by a number of other movies, but Wyler was not happy about the fact that everything seemed to be put together in a haphazard manner and that production seemed to be a race against time. He preferred to take his time, and this became a trademark of his later in his career.

Wyler went on to direct movies such as: ‘The Children’s Hour’, ‘Jezebel’, ‘The Little Foxes’, ‘The Memphis Belle’, ‘Thunderbolt’. After the Second World War, he went on to make more movies, which included: ‘Roman Holiday’, ‘The Desperate Hours’, ‘Friendly Persuasion’, ‘Mrs Miniver’, ‘The Best Years of our Lives’, and ‘Ben Hur’.

William Wyler managed to notch up three Academy Awards as Best Directors, and the movies themselves went on to win Oscars for Best Picture. After a long and successful career, Wyler passed away on July 27 th 1981.


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