William Haines

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William Haines was born in Virginia just after the turn of the century, on 2 nd January 1900. By the time he was a teenager, the independent Haines had gone off the New York City to pursue a career in acting. Here he made friends with the likes of Cary Grant, and slowly but surely his acting career began to take flight.

By the time the silent movie era was over, he had become a big star with many fans. However, as many stars painfully discovered, fame is a fickle thing and by the mid 1930s he was no longer the darling of Hollywood. His contract was terminated after he was asked to give up a homosexual relationship with Jimmie Shields. He refused and decided to head in a different direction altogether.

Haines now moved in to interior design, and again sampled huge success and popularity, designing homes for people such as movie moguls and even the American Ambassador. His relationship with Jimmie was far less fickle than his movie career, and they remained together for half a century. Haines passed away on Boxing Day 1973 from cancer.


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