Victor Fleming

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Victor Fleming was born February 23rd 1889 in La Canada California. Victor Fleming entered the film business as a stuntman in 1910, mainly doing stunt driving - which came easy to him, as he had been a mechanic and professional racecar driver. He became interested in working on the other side of the camera, and eventually got a job as a cameraman.

The two films that were the high marks of his career: Gone with the Wind 1939 and Wizard of Oz, 1939. Victor was eventually replaced on the set of Gone with the Wind by Sam wood due to a nervous breakdown suffered by the director.

Victor’s career took a turn for the worst in the '40s, and most of his films, with the exception of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1941, were not considered very successful. The production of Joan of Arc would eventually be his downfall and result in total financial disaster. This is where his career ended.

Victor Fleming married Lucile Rosson September 26th 1933 and they had two children.

Victor died in Arizona of heart failure on January 6, 1949; he was interned at the Hollywood Memorial Cemetery.


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