Tyrone Power

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Tyrone Edmund Power was born into a dynasty of popular actors and entertainers on 5 th May 1913 in Ohio. His grandfather was a famous Irish comedian, his father a big star in theatre and movies, and his mother a well-known Shakespearean actress and acting coach. The family briefly moved to California, but after Tyrone’s parents divorced, he and his sister Anne headed back for Ohio with their mother.

Tyrone quickly and unsurprisingly developed an interest in acting, and was encouraged by both his mother and father. After his father, Tyrone Power Snr, died of a heart attack, Power went to seek his fortune in Hollywood. It wasn’t east, and he took on insignificant roles and stage work for a while. He then did a screen test for Fox, and was given a contract in 1936.

It wasn’t long before he was one of the most treasured actors on Fox’s books, and he was starring in a range of successful movies. In World War II, Power served in the war, and upon his return he tried his hand at directing. It was whilst he was directing and shooting a production on 15 th November 1958, that Power followed in Tyrone Power Snr’s footsteps and died from a heart attack.


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