Susan Hayward

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Susan Hayward was born Edythe Marrener in Brooklyn, New York on 30th June 1918. She led a normal childhood, where she was schooled in Brooklyn, and finally graduated from school with aspirations of becoming a secretary. Instead, she began modeling in New York, and when movie producers launched a search for someone to play Scarlet O’Hara in ‘Gone with the Wind’ she headed for Hollywood to try her luck.

As we now know, she never did get the part of Scarlet, which went to a young actress by the name of Vivien Leigh. In 1937, Susan managed to get a small part in a movie called ‘Hollywood Hotel’. She continued to take on these smaller roles for the next year, building up experience and contacts on the screen. This led to bigger parts in movies such as ‘Beau Geste’, ‘Among the Living’, ‘Reap the Wild Wind’, ‘The Forest Rangers’, and ‘Jack London’ plus many others.

Her first academy award nomination came in 1947 for her role in ‘Smash Up: The Story of a Woman’. During the 1950s, Susan went on to make many great movies, establishing herself as a fine actress and notching up both Academy Award nominations and even Oscar wins.

In 1972, Susan starred in her last movie, ‘The Revengers’. She finally passed away from cancer on 14 th March 1975 in Hollywood. She was aged 56 when she died.


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