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Rosalind Russell was born June 4th 1907 in Waterbury Connecticut. Rosalind was the middle of seven children and the daughter of a successful lawyer. Rosalind attended Catholic school and later convinced her mother to send her to American Academy of Performing Arts in New York. In the beginning it had been her intention to teach acting after leaving school

In 1934 Rosalind was signed by MGM studios and began her silver screen debut with minor and supporting roles. It was not until she landed her first leading part in “The Casino Murder Case” that she really broke into the business. In 1951 Rosalind returned to the stage and began appearing in the Bell, the Book, and the Candle.

Rosalind Russell married Fredrick Brisson and they had one son, Lance Brisson. Rosalind’s marriage to Fredrick was very success; lasting over 35 years. Unlike many actresses of her time she did not become embroiled in scandal and found a wonderful life with her husband and son as a result.

In the latter part of her career she was struck with acute rheumatic arthritis; instead of covering it up Rosalind went public and did what she could to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. In December of 1976 Rosalind past away after losing her fight with cancer.

Rosalind may not have reached the legendary status of Joan Crawford, but with her passing Hollywood indeed lost one of their nobles. One of Rosalind’s dearest friends, Cary Grant read the eulogy at her funeral. The words he had for Rosalind are as follows, "I'm sure she's up there organizing things, and telling all the angels what to do, but nicely, because Roz never missed a trick."


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