Rock Hudson

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Roy Harold Scherer (a.k.a. Rock Hudson) was born on 17 th November 1925 in Illinois. His parents, a mechanic and a telephonist, were divorced when he was just eight years old. Although he was interested in acting, the young Hudson wasn’t too good at remembering lines, hence often failed to get parts in school plays. His jobs after leaving school included a post office employee, a mechanic for the Navy and a truck driver.

However, he still had a burning desire to act, so he changed his name to Rock Hudson, has his teeth done, took singing, dancing and acting lessons and finally managed to get the acting parts he’d craved for so long. His first movie was the 1948 production ‘Fighter Squadron’. Hudson’s memory when it came to remembering lines clearly hadn’t improved, and it was reported that one line had to have nearly forty takes to get it right.

Hudson then went on to star in a number of gentle comedies with stars such as Doris Day. He was also nominated for an Oscar for the 1956 classic, ‘Giant’. He was named star of the year in 1958, and over the years accumulated a huge female following of love-struck fans. It therefore came as a shock to most when, in the 1980s, Hudson admitted he was homosexual and had AIDS. He also began a search for a cure for AIDS. Sadly, despite his fame and fortune, he never found that cure and the disease killed him on 2 nd October 1985.


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