Preston Sturges

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Preston Sturges was born Edmund Preston Biden on 29 th August 1898 in Chicago. He was born into a wealth family, and enjoyed helping his mother’s friend, Isadora Duncan, out on stage. He went on to serve in the army during the First World War, and upon his return he tried his hand at inventing, and produced everything from a kiss-proof lipstick and a ticker tape machine, to an automobile and an airplane.

His creativity didn’t end there. He went on to writing, and his first play was penned in 1929. In 1932 he moved to Hollywood to try and make some money, and Paramount gave him a shot at directing in exchange for buying one of his scripts, ‘The Great McGinty’ for a lower price. The movie was a big success, and Preston went on to direct other hits such as: ‘Christmas in July’, ‘The Lady Eve’, ‘Sullivan’s Travels’, and ‘The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek’.

After a dispute with Paramount in 1944, he decided to go it alone as an independent director. Unfortunately, this spelled the end of his career, although he did turn his hand at directing productions such as: ‘Mad Wednesday’ and ‘The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend’.

Having inspired many writers to turn to directing thanks to his own success, Preston moved to Europe and his career fizzled out there.

He passed away on 6 th August 1959 following a heart attack.


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