Patty Duke

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Patty Duke was born Anna Marie Duke on 14 th December 1946 in New York. After meeting with John and Ethel Ross, her brothers’ managers, she changed her name to Patty and embarked upon an acting career. Her initial roles were but parts and television commercials. However, she went on to take the leading role in the Broadway production of ‘The Miracle Worker’ where she played Helen Keller.

This production was made into a movie, for which Patty received a best supporting actress Academy Award at the still-tender age of sixteen. She was then nominated for an Emmy for her own show ‘The Patty Duke Show’. After this she starred in more movies, which included: ‘Billie’, ‘Valley of the Dolls’, ‘Me, Natalie’ for which she won a Golden Globe Award, ‘A Family Upside Down’, and ‘Having Babies III’. She also won an Emmy for the mini-series ‘Captains and the Kings’.

During this time Patty had married Harry Falk in 1965, divorced him in 1969, and then had an affair with John Astin, which left her pregnant. Despite being diagnosed with manic-depression in 1982, Patty went on to become the President of the Screen Actors Guild in 1984. She also married a drill sergeant, Michael Pierce, in the mid-1980s.

Patty enjoys a career as a writer as well as actress, and her autobiography went on to become a smash-hit movie in the 1990s.


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