Otto Preminger

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Otto Ludwig Preminger was born on 5 th December 1906 in Vienna, Austria. The son of a lawyer, Otto and his brother developed an interest in law, and both went on to earn law degrees like their father. However, as a teenager Otto had also developed an interest in movies, and it seems that this was to be his main love and destiny.

His first experience within the field was with the Max Reinhardt Theatre Company. He emigrated to America in 1935 and was taken on by 20 th Century Fox, both directing and acting. He did leave for a while to concentrate on Broadway, but returned a few years later. He directed movies including: ‘Margin for Error’, ‘Laura’, and ‘Forever Amber’.

Preminger went on to become an independent producer and director in the 1950s, churning out productions such as: ‘The Man with the Golden Arm’, ‘Carmen Jones’, and ‘Anatomy of Murder’. He continued to make his movies throughout the 1950s and 1960s, even being selected by Samuel Goldwyn for his directional abilities.

Preminger was known as a very diverse and skilled producer and director, and even went on to portray Mr Freeze on the TV series, Batman. His career sadly ended when he started suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, and he passed away on 23 rd April 1986.


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