Montgomery Clift

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Edward Montgomery Clift was born in Nebraska on 17 th October 1920. He started his acting career on Broadway aged just thirteen. He remained on Broadway for ten years, where he developed a reputation as a class actor as well as a taste in other men. After a decade, Monty headed for the bright lights of Hollywood.

In 1948 he debuted in ‘Red River’ with John Wayne, and over the next ten years he starred in a number of leading roles, for which he was nominated for Oscars. Films included ‘The Search’, ‘A Place in the Sun’, and ‘From Here to Eternity’. Although he was a fully-fledged homosexual, the movie studios liked to make a fuss of his friendships with Hollywood women in order to give the impression that he was a heterosexual.

By the 1950s Monty was addicted to alcohol and drugs, and also attending psychiatric therapy sessions. He was saved from choking in 1956 by actress Elizabeth Taylor after leaving a party at her home and driving his car into a tree. Taylor had to pull two teeth from his throat.

He headed back to New York where he did start to settle down a little more. He was then offered a part in the 1967 production ‘Reflections in a Golden Eye’. However, his partner found him dead on his bed on 23 rd July 1966, and the verdict was coronary occlusion.


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