Mary Pickford

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Mary Pickford was born Gladys Marie Smith on April 8, 1892 to an alcoholic Dad who died when she was a youngster. Her mother introduced her to showbiz, and young Gladys was soon enjoying Broadway success, which was when a producer, David Belasco, changed her name to Mary Pickford.

In 1908, Mary met the head of Biograph Studios, D W Griffith, and this is where her movie career began to form. However, she soon left Biograph because she thought that other actresses were receiving more attention than her. This did not stop her forming a hugely successful career, however, and she went on to act with a variety of studios, opting for the ones that were prepared to pay the most. Her movies included ‘Daddy Long Legs’ and ‘New York Hat’.

She went on to marry an actor, Owen Moore, but divorced him after meeting another actor in 1920 by the name of Douglas Fairbanks. The golden couple enjoyed glitzy parties and wealth, and went on to form the huge United Artists Corporation with DW Griffith and Charlie Chaplin. Her marriage to Fairbanks finally hit the rocks in 1929, and they divorced.

After this, she married another actor, ‘Buddy’ Rogers, and by 1933 had retired from showbiz altogether. She went on to support various charities, although in later life she became a recluse that favored the bottle to going out. She passed away on May 29 th 1979 from a brain hemorrhage.


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