Marion Davies

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Marion Davies was born Marion Cecelia Douras on 3 rd January 1897 in Brooklyn, New York. Her sisters were keen performers in local productions, and so Marion developed a taste and craving for the showbiz life quite early on. Like her sisters, she tried out for various productions on stage and gained valuable experience as well as increasing her appetite for acting.

After leaving school, Davies worked on New York as a chorus girl, and ended up in the popular Ziegfeld Follies. However, although she enjoyed dancing her first love was acting, and this is the direction in which Marion intended to take her career. She got her break in 1917 with her first screen performance in ‘Runaway Romany’. Aged just twenty, she had written the film herself, with her brother-in-law producing it. Although it was no Hollywood production, it gave Marion the break she needed.

Over the next few years, Marion starred in many movies, such as ‘Cinema Murder’, ‘When Knighthood was in Flower’, ‘The Burden of Proof’, and ‘Cecilia of the Pink Roses’, which was a movie backed by William Randolph Hearst, of the Heart newspaper empire – with whom Davies got involved in a relationship that spanned three decades. Marion sometimes had a stutter, which concerned her when sound was introduced but she managed to glide smoothly into sound movies without a hitch.

Her downfall came when Hearst hid financial problems and she was forced to sell a million dollars worth of jewels to bail him out. Her roles began to decline, and her last movie was ‘Ever Since Eve’ in 1937. After this, Davies hit the bottle. She married age of 54 to a Horace Brown, after Hearst’s death. Marion herself passed away from cancer on 22 nd September 1961 in California.


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