Mabel Normand

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Mabel Ethelreid Normand was born November 16th 1892 in Staten Island New York. Mabel began modeling for artists and photographers including James Montgomery Flagg and Charles Dana Gibson. From modeling, she went into films where her first picture was 'Over the Garden Wall in 1910. Mabel started work for the Biograph Studio where she would meet and fell in love with a Biograph actor named Mack Sennett. Her career blossomed as she was directed by Sennett in 'A Dash Through the Clouds’.

When Sennett got the financing to form Keystone in 1912, he left Biograph and so did Mabel. At Keystone, Mabel appeared in a number of small films where the cast and crew would hear about some public event and go there to use the event as a backdrop to a one-reel comedy.

In 1915, she spent most of her time co-starring with Arbuckle. Unfortunately the pace also took its toll. It had been several years since she fell for Sennett and they had set a wedding date in 1915, but they never married. By 1918, Mabel left Keystone and signed a five-year contract with Sam Goldwyn. Her career began to turn sour as she became addicted to parties and drugs. With Goldwyn, she would make 18 feature films, but she was no longer easy to work with. She would show up late for filming if she showed up at all. She would be missing for days at a time and she even left for Europe once in the middle of a movie.

During Mabel’s 30s she became embroiled in scandal after scandals that proved to be the final nails in the coffin for her career; of these scandals, two involved murder. In 1929, with her health declining, Mabel entered a sanitarium and remained for six months. She died from tuberculosis at the age of 37.


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