Lupe Velez

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Lupe Valez was born as Maria Guadalupe Villalobos Velez on July 18th 1908 in Mexico. The daughter of a prostitute, Lupe was sent to Texas at the age of 13 to live in a convent. As a child, Lupe dreamed of becoming a champion skater. Lupe was not to be so fortunate to realize her childhood dream; she would end up returning to Mexico to help out her family with finances by working at a department store for $4 a week.

In 1924, Lupe started a career on the Mexican stage and entranced the people with her natural beauty and talent. By 1927, she had moved to Hollywood where she was discovered by Hal Roach who cast her in a comedy with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. In 1934, Lupe appeared in three comedies, “Strictly Dynamite”, “Palooka”, and “Laughing Boy”. By now her popularity was such that a series of Mexican Spitfire films were written around her

Lupe eventually married one of her many lovers, Johnny Weissmuller, but it would only lasted five years and was filled with battles. Lupe certainly did live up to her nickname. It was well known that she had a failed romance with Gary Cooper, who never wanted to wed her. By 1943, her career was flailing; so she went to Mexico in the hopes of giving herself a jump start.

On December 13th 1944, tired of yet another failed romance with Harold Raymond and pregnant with his child, Lupe committed suicide with an overdose.

She was only 36 years old.


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