Louise Brooks

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Mary Louise Brooks was born on 14 th November 1906 in Kansas. At an early age she joined a dancing group, which took her to New York. She ended up in the popular dance group the Ziegfeld Follies. However it was not long before Brooks was attracted to the silver screen, and became a hit as an actress.

Her movies included ‘Buchse der Pandora, Die’, ‘A Girl in Every Port’, and ‘Beggars of Life’. Her innovative bobbed hairstyle became hugely popular, and spawned a wave of copycat hairstyles much in the way that modern figures such as Princess Diana and Jennifer Aniston did.

After a while, Brooks left Hollywood behind and headed for Europe, where her diverse and versatile acting saw her act in a number of German movies. She ended her movie career in 1938. However, the creative streak in her didn’t stop there, and she continued to read and paint, not to mention penning a number of books.

Louise Brooks was 78 years of age when she died in New York following a heart attack on 8 th August 1985.


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