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Lillita Louise MacMurray was born on April 15th 1908 in Hollywood California. Lita Grey began working for Charles Chaplin when she was 12 years old, by the time she was 16 she had become pregnant by Chaplin and they were married. Chaplin was 35 years old at this time. Lita filmed several scenes in ‘The Gold Rush’ and even traveled with the cast to Truckee, California for location shooting for the film. While only a few scenes were ever used in the film from that spring trip, Charlie's interest in Lita became piqued. A romance developed that summer, which led to marriage in Mexico on November 26, 1924. But this marriage was hastily arranged. Lita was pregnant. They would have would have two sons before their marriage ended three years later.

Lita Grey, was the playful sprite in ‘The Kid'. She also played Edna’s maid in ‘The Idle Class’. Lita’s mother played alongside Lita as a maid in the same film. Lita lost her as the leading lady in ‘The Gold Rush', because she was pregnant. Georgia Hale got the role instead and gained the distinction of being the first leading lady to replace Edna Purviance.

Lita’s life became very rough in the years after the divorce. At her lowest point, Charlie helped her by instilling a belief to carry on, as she noted in her first book. Lita recovered and went on to start a successful talent agency in her later years. Lita authored two books about her life with Chaplin. The first one was ‘My Life with Charlie Chaplin’ in 1966, and the second one ‘Wife of the Life of the Party’ published in 1998.

Lita Grey Chaplin died in 1995 at the age of 87.

She lived the longest of Chaplin's wives


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