Lillian Gish

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Lillian Gish was born on October 14th 1893 in Springfield Ohio; there could not have been a better time for this silent movie queen to come on the scene. Lillian possessed just the right combination of beauty and grace to take the silent movie industry by storm. It is generally accepted that Lillian was one of the Industry’s greatest actresses.

Lillian’s father was known to be fond of drink and as a result Lillian, her sister Dorothy and their mother were left in a position to provide for themselves much of the time. This they did in the world of “Theater” At a tender young age Lillian Gish made her stage debut in 1902 when she performed at The Little Red School House in Rising Sun Ohio. For several years Lillian and her sister would woo theater audiences with their performances; Lillian met with great success during this time.

In the year 1912, Lillian’s career would take a turn for the silver screen when she met the famed director D.W Griffith. Impressed with the talented Lillian, Griffith cast her in what would be her first movie, “Unseen Enemy” Lillian Gish would make a total of 12 movies with Griffith in 1912; leading to several move and her eventual stardom in silent movies.

In the 1920s, Lillian’s film career began to decline, but this didn’t keep her down. Lillian began to appear before theater audiences once again, and again she met with great success. In 1987, Lillian appeared in her last motion picture, “The Whales of August” Lillian ended her career of 75 years, and astounding achievement. In 1993 Lillian Gish died in New York City at the age of 99.


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