Laurence Olivier

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Born in Surrey, England, on 22 nd May 1927, Laurence Kerr Olivier was a natural Shakespearean actor from a young age. He was the son of a clergyman, and even as a youngster appeared to be captivated by the arts.

Oliver started his professional acting career on the London stage when he was in his twenties, and was soon wowing audiences with renditions of Shakespearean masterpieces such as Romeo & Juliet. It was during this time that he met the budding actress that was to become his second wife, as well as a huge star in her own right – the star of Gone with the Wind, Vivien Leigh.

In 1939, both Olivier and Leigh each made one of their biggest movie hits: ‘Wuthering Heights’ (Olivier) and ‘Gone with the Wind’ (Leigh). After filming these movies, they were married. Both had already been married when they started their affair, and both broke off their marriages in order to marry one another. Olivier starred in a number of movies with his new wife, such as ’21 Days’ and ‘That Hamilton Woman’. The marriage lasted for over twenty years.

Olivier achieved a great deal throughout his career. He was knighted in 1947, nominated for a number of awards for his acting and directing, and became Baron Olivier of Brighton in 1970. He passed away from medical complications on 11 th July 1989 in Sussex, England.


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