Lana Turner

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Lana Turner was born 1921 as Julia Jean Mildred Francis Turner in Wallace, Idaho. Fate would play a big role in Lana’s success and the wheels began to turn in 1929 when her father was murdered. Lana’s mother soon moved her family to California where work was easy to find and she was able to support her family.

Contrary to legend, Lana Turner was not found behind the counter of a drug store but found her break like many actresses before her, by hitting the pavement of Hollywood. In 1937 at the age of 17, Lana landed her first movie role in the film, “They Won’t Forget”; though it was but a minor role, Lana turner was on her way. It would not be until 1938 when Lana Turner starred in a Mickey Rooney film by the name of “Love Finds Andy Hardy” that Lana would shoot to the status of starlet and become known as the “Sweater Girl”

As with many Hollywood actresses of the time, Lana Turner’s personal life became a shambles. Lana had a total of 8 marriages under her belt, two of them to the same man. Lana not only battled alcoholism, but her career received a major setback when her daughter, Cheryl was put on trial for murdering her boyfriend.

Lana Turner’s last appearance on the big screen was in the 1980’s film, “Witches’ Brew” On June 25th 1995 Lana lost her long fight with cancer; she died in California at the age of 75.


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