Judy Garland

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Born Frances Ethel Gumm on 10 th June 1922 in Minnesota, Judy Garland quickly created a popular profile for herself in a range of 1930s movies. However, it was the 1939 extravaganza, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ that really put this young star on the Hollywood map. A role that was originally earmarked for Shirley Temple, her portrayal of Dorothy is one that is loved and remembered even today.

She went on to make a number of movies with MGM, including ‘Meet Me in St Louis’ and ‘Easter Parade’. However, MGM decided to put young Judy on amphetamines to help with her energy levels and weight, and she soon became an addict.

She was soon hooked on barbiturates, and even throughout her marriage to Vincente Minelli with whom she had daughter Liza, she depended on these drugs to survive. Her contract was terminated in 1950 when MGM could no longer put up with her drug dependency, despite the fact that they had actually started it.

Judy continued top decline, but then in 1954 her next husband Sidney Luft produced the movie, ‘A Star is Born’, in which Judy gave an excellent performance and was catapulted back into the public eye.

Judy Garland was to maintain this drug dependency for the rest of her life, and it was an accidental barbiturate overdose that took her life on June 22 nd 1969.


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