Joseph L Mankiewicz

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Joseph Leo Mankiewicz was born 11 th February 1909 in Pennsylvania. His first movie job was working for Paramount, Berlin as a translator. He moved on to become a dialogue specialist and even a screenwriter on a number of Hollywood Paramount movies.

Before he even hit his thirties, he was producing some hit movies for MGM, such as ‘The Philadelphia Story’. He eventually moved to Fox, where he continued to produce some excellent movies. However, following the illness of a director, he moved quickly into directing.

Joseph had found his niche with movie production, and went on to produce movies such as: ‘Dragonwyck’, ‘Letter to Three Wives’, ‘All About Eve’, ‘The Ghost and Mrs Muir’, ‘Barefoot Contessa’ and ‘The Honey Pot’. He became the only director to have won Oscars in two consecutive years for writing and directing, for ‘A Letter to Three Wives’ and ‘All About Eve’.

The brother of ‘Citizen Kane’ screenwriter, Herman Mankiewicz, Joseph really put himself on the map in the field of directing.

He passed away from heart failure on 5 th February 1993 in New York, just days before his 84 th birthday.


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